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Convert 835 to PDF

Upload an ERA in the ANSI 835 format for a human readable PDF version.
Free PDF Tool is no longer available. Sign up for a Claim.MD clearinghouse account for unlimited 835 to PDF conversion, and direct insurance carrier downloads.

ICD9 to ICD10 Conversion Tool

Enter an ICD9 or ICD10 code in the box below for a General Equivalence Mapping (GEMS).

Submit claims through Claim.MD and we'll automatically update your codes to/from ICD10.

Did you know you'll want a clearinghouse that doesn't just auto convert ICD9 to ICD10, but also does payer specific backwards conversion of ICD10 to ICD9?

Not all payers will immediately support ICD10 properly, and if your billing system does not allow selectively using code types for each insurance company, you'll need your EDI clearinghouse to handle this for you.

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